Publisher Terms of Service

By registering for a Brokerage account, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations regarding our service. Your use of the Brokerage service constitutes your agreement to the terms, conditions, policies and notices set forth below. In addition, our service shall only be used in accordance with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

Publisher payments will be made on a monthly basis via PayPal. Payments will be made within the first 7 days of each month unless otherwise noted.

In order to receive a payment for your first month, link sales must be active on your webpage for at least 15 days.

Publisher payments not claimed within 180 days will be forfeit by the Publisher.


Any attempt to hide the text links published on your web pages or otherwise manipulate the system will be cause for immediate termination of your account.

Certain types of web pages are not permitted to use the Brokerage Publisher service. We do not allow the web pages containing pornography, racist information, warez downloads, excessive popups, or illegal content. In addition, we do not allow “FFA” or “Link Farm” type web pages which contain only keywords/search results for specific terms.

You may contact us to report any abuse or illegal use of our services.

Web Page Content
Inclusion into the Brokerage Publisher program requires that your web pages be indexed by Google at the time of submission. Brokerage reserves the right to exclude or remove any web site from our directory which we deem to be in violation of these Terms of Service.

This service is provided “as is” and any expressed or implied warranties, guarantees or link exchanges are disclaimed.

Termination of Service Brokerage reserves the right to terminate service for any customer at any time, at our sole discretion.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Service, please contact us.