Getting Started as a Publisher

The information below will help you begin using your Publisher account and allow you to begin selling text links.

If you need any extra help, please click here to contact us.

Logging Into Your Control Panel

Your Control Panel gives you 24/7 access to your link selling account.

Log In Create New Account

Adding Link Pages

In your Control Panel, click the “Add Link Page” link on the side navigation. This will allow you to start adding the pages on which you want to sell text links.

Fill in the fields for each web page you want to add, including URL, title, price, tags, categories, etc

Installing the Code Snippet

Once you have added your web pages, you will need to add our link code to each page. Web pages under the same domain can use the same code.

Click the button labeled “installation code” for each web page and cut and past this code into your web pages.

This code will allow our system to add and remove text links on your web pages automatically, you will not need to add any text links manually.

Validating Your Web Pages

After you have added the code to your web pages, click the “Validate Web Page” link.

This will check your web page to make sure the code is working correctly and set them to active status in our database.

Once your web pages are active, we can begin selling text links on them!