Advertiser FAQ

How do I start building links?

To start building quality backlinks to your site, check out our Getting Started > page.

How do I view the available text link inventory?

You need to add a target page where you want the text links you select to point to. Then click the button labeled “select links” and use the search options to find available text links.

I placed a link on a site. Why is it no longer showing in my control panel?

If our link monitor cannot confirm that the link is there or if the publisher uninstalls the plugin, the link is automatically removed and your credits are returned so you can place that link on another web page in our network.

How do I remove my text links from a web page?

Click on “My Target Pages” in your control panel and then click on “Linked Sites”. Find the text link you want to remove and click “Stop Linking”. This will allow you to select a text link on another web page.

How do I buy more link credits?

From your control panel, click on “Buy Link Credits” and enter the number of text link credits you would like to buy. After a payment is made, text link credits will be added to your account.